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Even allies have turned their backs on Putin

Even allies have turned their backs on Putin . CSTO summit showed total isolation of Russian dictator – media review

On May 16, Moscow hosted a CSTO meeting dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the Collective Security Treaty and the 20th anniversary of this organization. It demonstrated the unwillingness of the allies of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin to support the war he unleashed against Ukraine.

The war of Russia against Ukraine – the main events of May 17

In his speech, Putin once again repeated the hackneyed clichés of propaganda about “rampant neo-Nazism” and “American biological laboratories” in Ukraine. About the course of the war, during which his troops suffer huge losses, he decided to tell behind closed doors.


However, Putin was not supported even by his closest supporters. No one, except for the Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko, completely dependent on the Russian Federation, mentioned the war in Ukraine.

NV tells how the dictator’s total isolation, which was shown by the CSTO meeting, is described by foreign media.


The New York Times writes that Vladimir Putin on May 16 faced a series of setbacks related to the invasion of Ukraine. The publication notes that its “faltering military forces appear to have been forced to further narrow their targets” as NATO prepares to admit two new members (Finland and Sweden – ed.) bordering Russia.

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CSTO summit: Putin decided to talk about the war against Ukraine in a “closed” mode and repeated the clichés of propaganda about “Nazis” and “biological laboratories”
To make matters worse for Putin, his own allies in the Russian counterpart of NATO have failed to rally around him at the summit in Moscow, leading to the view of the Kremlin’s increasing isolation being shown in full on Russian state television.

And in demonstrating what a change of stance could mean, Putin appears to have softened his strong objections to NATO membership of Finland and Sweden, which participated in military exercises in the Baltic states on Monday. Just last week, Putin warned two Scandinavian countries that joining NATO would be a mistake.