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Friendly match. Ukraine - Empoli - 3:1. Match review, statistics

Friendly match. Ukraine – Empoli – 3:1. Match review, statistics

On Tuesday, May 17, a friendly charity match between the Italian “Empoli” and the national team of Ukraine took place.

TEAM OF UKRAINE – EMPOLI (Italy) – 3:1 (1:1)
Goals: Yaremchuk (26), Karavaev (46), Pikhalyonok (53) – La Mantia (45)

Ukraine: 12. Pyatov (C) (1. Buschan, 46), 13. Zabarny, 4. Popov (2. Bondar, 79), 22. Matvienko, 21. Karavaev, 6. Stepanenko, 10. Shaparenko, 8. Pikhalyonok (14. Buyalsky, 84), 17. Mudryk (5. Sidorchuk, 84), 15. Tsygankov (20. Zubkov, 79), 9. Yaremchuk (7. Dovbik, 79).
Subs: 23.Riznyk, 3.Sirota, 11.Besedin, 16.Konoplya, 18.Kacharaba, 19.Garmash, 24.Sikan.

Empoli (starting lineup): 1.Uikani, 4.Boli, 5.Stulac, 8.Henderson, 10.Bahrami, 16.Fazzini, 19.La Mantia, 21.Kakache, 34.Ismaili, 35.Baldanzi, 42 .Viti.

Match transcript and statistics >>>

The beginning of this match was clearly for Empoli. Already in the 2nd minute, the Italian team almost opened the scoring – it was Baldanzi who went one on one with Pyatov, but the goalkeeper of the Ukrainian national team left the gate in time and this allowed him to block the opponent’s shot. Later, the same Baldanzi struck another blow from the Blue-Yellows’ penalty area, and the ball almost struck the post.

However, closer to the 15th minute of the meeting, the superiority of the home team began to dry up. Over time, the Ukrainian national team attacked more and more often, and in the 26th minute of the match this brought the result: Tsygankov, developing the attack of the Ukrainian national team on the right flank, with an excellent dissecting pass, brought Yaremchuk to a striking position in the Empoli penalty area, and he struck the near corner of the Italian team’s goal is 1:0.

Moreover, six minutes later, the penetrating attack of the Ukrainian national team ended with another shot from Yaremchuk from a lethal distance, but this time the ball hit the post. Finally, in the 44th minute of the match, Tsygankov went one on one with Uikani, but after breaking past the goalkeeper, he also shot past the goal. And just a few seconds after that, Empoli “punished” the Ukrainians for an unrealized moment: in the final phase of the Italian team’s two-on-one counterattack, La Mantia turned out to be one-on-one with Pyatov and, although not on the first attempt, still outplayed the goalkeeper of the Ukrainian national team – 1:1.

However, already in the first seconds of the second half, the Ukrainian national team regained its advantage in the score: Yaremchuk powerfully shot from the penalty line, Uykani parried this shot, but played right at Karavaev, who effectively hooked the ball over the goalkeeper, thereby sending it into the net – 2 :one. And seven minutes later, the Ukrainians also scored the third goal – this is Pikhalyonok, having received a pass in the left side of the Empoli penalty area, without hesitation struck a low blow, which turned out to be smashing – 3:1.

In the future, the game was held in a relatively equal fight, the teams exchanged good attacks, but the next truly scoring chance was again created by the Ukrainians: in the 66th minute of the meeting, Yaremchuk went one on one with the Empoli goalkeeper, tried to throw the goalkeeper, but not enough raised the ball high.

In the final segment of the match, Empoli tried with all its might to turn the tide of the match and at least close the gap in the score, but the Italian team had no real chances for this, apart from hitting the ball into the goal post of the blue-yellows in stoppage time of the second half. As a result, the meeting ended with the victory of the Ukrainian team with a score of 3:1.

We add that the Ukrainian national team will play its next friendly match on Wednesday, May 18 – against the Croatian “Rijeka”.

Alexander Popov