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Prime Minister of Italy: we need to immediately cease fire and put Russia at the negotiating table

Prime Minister of Italy : we need to immediately cease fire and put Russia at the negotiating table

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi has called for an urgent ceasefire in Ukraine to start serious negotiations to end the war.

This writes “European truth” with reference to Reuters.

Draghi said it was important to maintain pressure through economic sanctions “because we have to put Moscow at the negotiating table.”

“A ceasefire must be reached as soon as possible,” Draghi said in the Senate, opening a debate about Italy’s role in supporting Ukraine, which is creating tensions in its ruling majority.

Draghi did not explicitly mention whether Italy would continue to supply weapons to Kyiv, which is opposed by the 5 Star Movement and the rights of the League, key parties in his multi-party coalition.

However, he noted that he was not ready to rule out further arms deliveries. Italy passed three decrees allowing arms transfers, but the government did not disclose what type of weapons were supplied.

“Italy will continue to support the Ukrainian government in its efforts to repel the Russian invasion. We will do this in close coordination with our European partners,” he said.

The Prime Minister said that Italy would do its best to promote a negotiated settlement of the war, but any agreement must have the full support of Ukraine in order to be sustainable.

Ukrainian Ambassador Andriy Melnik called on Germany and France to mediate a new version of the Normandy format to end Russia’s war against Ukraine.