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Russia will start a new wave of shutdowns of gas buyers in Europe from May 20

Russia will start a new wave of shutdowns of gas buyers in Europe from May 20

As early as May 20, Russia may begin the next stage of reducing gas supplies to the EU countries. Shutdowns may affect companies that have waived the requirement to pay in rubles.

This is stated in the RBC-Ukraine article “The embargo is on pause. Why Europe is still buying oil and gas from Russia.”

As noted in the material, it is in the third decade of May that the payment deadline for a number of companies, including the largest client of Gazprom in Germany, Uniper SE, comes. Mario Draghi, Prime Minister of Italy, which has accepted the new terms of gas payment, said that Uniper has already paid in rubles. The company itself declined to comment, saying that the sanctions were not violated.

The EU leadership previously stated that payment in rubles violates the sanctions imposed on the Russian Federation. But so far, the European Commission has not provided official documents confirming that this is indeed the case.

On the contrary, according to international news agencies, on May 13, the EC sent out explanations that payment according to the requirements proposed by the Russian Federation is possible under certain conditions and allegedly does not violate sanctions.

In total, according to unofficial information, about 20 companies have already agreed to the new terms of paying for gas in rubles, including from Hungary, Italy, Germany and Moldova, which is not part of the EU. It is possible that their number will increase. At least due to the fact that countries need to comply with the EU decision to fill at least 80% of gas storage facilities by October, and it will be difficult to achieve this without purchases in the Russian Federation.

Russia, perfectly understanding the situation, is likely to continue blackmailing, reducing gas supplies, including through Ukraine. Thus, Moscow will be able to keep the price of gas on the market at maximum levels. And even with a reduction in supplies, but due to high prices, the income of the Russian Federation from gas exports will exceed the planned ones by 30%, the material says.

Recall that at the end of April, the Russian Federation stopped gas supplies to Poland and Bulgaria after these countries refused to comply with the ultimatum and pay for gas in rubles.

Finland, which has applied to join NATO, is also preparing to cut off gas supplies from Russia on May 20-21.

Recall that the Finnish energy company Gasum refused to accept the demand of “Gazprom Export” to switch to payments in rubles. The company files for arbitration in accordance with the contract.

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