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The next update for Subverse with a new waifu will be released at the end of May©

The next update for Subverse with a new waifu will be released at the end of May©

Subverse’s official Twitter account has revealed that a new update for the game is due out at the end of May. It looks like the developers have picked up the pace since the last update came out just 2 months ago.

Players are waiting for the continuation of the story, a new waifu – Princess Sovalin Maliana, new scenes for Pandora, new side quests, battles, mini-games, etc.

It feels like freeloader wankers are sitting here who don’t have this game, who minus everyone who is dissatisfied with this piece of shit (I bought the game at the start, so I’m writing as the person who bought this feces)

Even those who justified the game on Steam for a long time realized that the developers just got 2 lama bucks and bungled the project for a penny, where the main budget was spent on voice acting. The fucking game doesn’t have what they talked about when they raised the money. What mass effect, what xcom?

Here is the real estimate of the project –

negative monthly reviews because that 20+ positive percentage is now worth every month. And the overall rating starts to drop. At the start it was under 90% positive feedback. Yes, I myself put a positive review until I played it. Poor plot, stupid dialogues, no peace, stupid disgusting tactical combat. It’s really just a poor visual novel. To which, for excuses, poor mechanics were screwed. It may be fun to fly a little on an airplane, but is this what you expect from a project that has collected 2 lyamas? If they didn’t raise money, didn’t make big promises, and released it without any fees. I wouldn’t mind, because I just wouldn’t take it. Well, you continue to defend this crap. Because even against the background of many other adult-themed novels, this game looks like crap. Although, what am I talking about, there are people who like Battlefield 2042, New World, etc.) Don’t forget to throw more cons) The characters don’t open their mouths when talking, the animations are just terrible … I really don’t understand how such a poor project can cause sympathy. If we take Mirror 2 as a comparison (let them get off the adult theme), how chic the visuals were made there. The project is for a penny, and the visual is like a top game, albeit in anime style. A game for 61 rubles, so they still sell it with discounts of 30-40 rubles. Excellent visual, the characters open their mouths, communicating. How can you then justify all the misery of Subverse? Well, I just don’t get it. In this game, everything is disgusting (except for the voice acting), what did you find positive in the game, what makes you minus the dissatisfied?)