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Nothing Phone (1) shown in all its glory - a transparent back panel and 900 LEDs under it

Nothing Phone (1) shown in all its glory - a transparent back panel and 900 LEDs under it

Startup Nothing, created by OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei, continues to fuel public interest in its first smartphone Phone (1) - its full presentation will take place on July 12. Exactly a week ago, Nothing itself showed the design of the back, and now there is a video showing the novelty in all its glory - popular tech blogger Marques Brownlee (MKBHD) shared his first impressions.

In addition to the original name, Nothing Phone (1) will offer an original design with a transparent back surface of the case and LED backlight under it. Earlier renders showed a wireless charging coil and some LED strips. Brownlee's preview lets you see that the Nothing Phone (1) really looks different than most smartphones of the past few years. Yes, the idea with transparent parts of the body is not new - Xiaomi Mi 9 immediately comes to mind here. But the implementation of Nothing looks more interesting and potentially more successful, since Phone (1) design, in addition to purely aesthetic pleasure, also has practical value.

Brownlee's video shows several scenarios for using LEDs - as a charging indicator, highlighting unread notifications, and a banal blinking to the beat of a ringtone.

The strips, which Nothing calls the Glyph Interface, are made up of just over 900 individual LEDs built into the back of the phone. Owners of Nothing Phone (1) can flexibly customize the behavior of the LEDs for a particular scenario using the proprietary application of the same name. Nothing CEO Carl Pei hinted at a more modern take on LED notifications for smartphones in an interview earlier in the year, and now we can see how things will work in practice.

Here is the full list of features that it demonstrates in its preview:

All bars are highlighted to indicate notifications.

The center circle (square-colour?) lights up when using wireless or reverse wireless charging.

The LEDs at the bottom of the back surface can signal the charge level of the smartphone when connected to the network.

All strips can serve as a flash for the camera in low natural light

All bars can flash to the beat of the ringtone - at the start there will be 10 ringtones with support for the function.

In addition to glyphs, there is a separate red LED to indicate the status of the camera - it flashes when the phone is shooting.